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In Our Clinics

There are hundreds of reasons patients require physical therapy. Our team of expert therapists will spend one-on-one time with you to assess your needs and develop an individualized program that will set you on the path to healing. We go "above and beyond" to provide exactly the kind of customized care you need. Here's just a sampling of the tailor-made help we can offer in addition to our general physical therapy services:
  • Spine & Back Therapy - Don't let back or neck pain keep you sidelined any longer. Our team has extensive experience in manual therapy as well as the McKenzie Method - two highly effective approaches that are proven to be as reliable as more costly diagnostic tests.

  • Women's Health - Women experience unique health problems and concerns that require special treatment. Our therapists are trained in a variety of women's health issues, including osteoporosis, pregnancy-related issues, lymphedema and more.

  • Sports Medicine - Your comeback starts with us. No matter what you play, we understand the demands of your sport, how to train for your position, and how to assess your individual needs. We'll help you work through your injury as quickly and safely as possible to get you back in the game.

  • Sports Performance Training - Our team includes physical therapists who are also athletes with advanced, specialized credentialing. If you are high school or college- bound, trying to make the local team or the professional ranks, seeking to set a personal record or just make it to the starting line, we can help you improve your athletic performance in specific sports with the most up-to-date strategies.

  • Golf Performance - An 18-hole round can put significant stress on virtually all joints of the body. Our golf conditioning team can help prevent injury while maximizing your competitive edge and total health. We accomplish this by evaluating your flexibility and strength, and creating a personalized program of drills and exercises that decrease effort while increasing power, consistency and endurance.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations - Determining the future level of activity a patient will be able to perform safely often requires a skilled professional assessment. Our team has extensive experience in conducting the kinds of detailed, standardized measurements that evaluate an individual's functional skill set - enabling employers, healthcare providers, legal representatives and others to make better-informed decisions.

  • TMJ - TMJ disorders can be extremely uncomfortable and often have complicated causes and side effects. Our TMJ program includes a thorough assessment (including oral behavior, respiration, nutrition and psychological factors), customized treatment, and a focus on the controllable factors that will enhance recovery from TMJ and head, neck and facial pain.

  • Aquatic Therapy - We offer a comprehensive therapeutic approach using aquatic exercises to aid in the rehabilitation of a variety of conditions. Reduced weight-bearing and warm water exercise has been proven to improve patient strength, flexibility and endurance.

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Programs - New moms and moms-to-be can face distinct physical challenges, and we're here to help. Our individualized programs focus on musculoskeletal problems that can cause pain and dysfunction during and after pregnancy, including excessive joint mobility, weakness of the pelvic floor and core muscles, neuralgias, back pain, and post-caesarean issues. Our physical therapists provide hands-on treatment and can help modify activities of daily living that may be difficult during the prenatal and postpartum periods.

  • Cancer Rehabilitation - We're dedicated to helping cancer patients return to their full, pre-operative performance levels. Our experience includes everything from lymphedema treatment and range-of-motion exercises, to specialized strength training programs and scar massage - following virtually all kinds of women's, men's or general oncology procedures.

  • Gait Evaluations - Whether it's post-injury or motivated by your pursuit of improved athletic performance, enhanced mobility can be critical to achieving your objectives. If you're having difficulty walking or running, we offer highly specialized biomechanical evaluations - including videotaped treadmill testing - as well as individualized training, gait stabilization and custom orthotics, all geared toward getting you back on your feet and hitting your stride.

  • Performing Arts & Dance Medicine - If you're a dancer, musician, singer, actor or in another area of the performing arts, your passion can require a unique type of physical therapy. Our trained experts can help you recover from injury or even prevent future injuries.

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation - Vestibular problems can really make your head spin, but you can deal with them one positive step at a time. We can help with problems related to dizziness, motion sickness, spinning sensations, nausea, balance issues and more - enabling you to avoid injuries and enjoy your favorite activities again.

  • Senior Care - Getting older shouldn't feel bad. Following a debilitating illness, injury, surgery, or even when dealing with everyday aches and pains, our therapy can be an important factor in getting you back to the life you love.

  • Pediatric Therapy - Not all pain in children can be classified as growing pains. Sometimes there are musculoskeletal or biomechanical reasons for their symptoms. We're continually striving to help kids be kids.

  • Men's Health - We specialize in problems of an intimate nature, from pelvic or abdominal pain to urinary problems and other private issues like bowel dysfunction. Our team understands the sensitive nature of the problems that affect men, and we provide treatment in a private and relaxed setting.