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The Long-Term Care Setting

We are experts in implementing programs that can have a powerful, beneficial impact on the lives of residents in long-term care facilities:
  • Fall Prevention - Understanding falls and their relationship to restraint reduction; starting and measuring a fall prevention program.

  • Incontinence for the Frail - We provide two program models focused on proven interventions for both functional and frail/cognitively impaired individuals.

  • Wound Care - Our proven program comprises multiple components, including staff education, pain management, mobility training and exercise, compression therapy, and wound cleaning, debridement and dressings.

  • Restraint Reduction - Identifying residents' health, functional and psychosocial problems, and providing assistance with environmental modifications that promote greater safety and more meaningful activity.

  • Eating and Dining - We assist occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists in evaluating and treating residents with eating deficits.

  • Vision - Identifying conditions that cause low vision and the appropriate treatment interventions that address vision loss, and limitations in mobility and other activities of daily living.

  • Vestibular Training - We draw on the extensive expertise of our therapists to assist in conducting thorough patient assessments and implementing successful rehabilitation programs with a strong patient education component.

  • Lymphedema Training - We use the Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) methodology to help individuals with primary or long-term secondary lymphedema.

  • Promoting Function - We help therapists improve patient function by broadening their views and assessing important elements like ADL skills, transfer skills, falls, pain, positioning and exercise.

  • Positioning and Posture - Our proprietary course assists facility staff in identifying those patients who are restrained and with poor posture, and choosing appropriate and safe positioning devices.