Outsourced Rehabilitation Company Agility Health Outsourced Rehabilitation Provider A Top Outsourced Rehabilitation Company and Industry-Leading Outsourced Rehabilitation Provider Delivers Skilled Outsourced Rehabilitation in hospitals, nursing homes, nursing facilities, industrial work sites and inpatient rehabilitation units.
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Are you looking for the Top Outsourced Rehabilitation Companies? Agility Health an Industry-Leading Outsourced Rehabilitation Provider Helps skilled nursing centers, assisted-living homes, nursing homes, independent living facilities and hospitals with improved proficiency to achieve positive clinical and financial outcomes. Additionally, using outsourced rehabilitation services reduces your risk and responsibility while increasing your revenue and ability of compliance. The financial risk is lessened as is the challenge of recruiting qualified therapists.

Agility Health outsourced rehabilitation services assist healthcare facilities and other organizations to better support management systems, achieve operational efficiency and become recognized for top quality inpatient rehabilitation. We are an industry leader providing skilled outsourced rehabilitation in a variety of settings including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, industrial work sites and inpatient rehabilitation units.

Agility Health

Outsourced Rehabilitation
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For customers who want outsourced rehabilitation management and innovation brought to their inpatient rehabilitation program or inpatient rehab unit, consider Agility Health. Our goal at Agility Health is to give our rehab patients the skill and care they deserve, while providing the desired outcome of outsourced rehabilitation necessary to each individual. Our outsourced rehabilitation healthcare services include:
  • Full Inpatient outsourced Rehab Services
  • outsourced Rehab outpatient Program
  • outsourced Rehabilitation Staffing Services
  • outsourced Rehab Practice Management
  • outsourced Rehabilitation Consulting Services
  • outsourced Rehab Compliance & Audit Services
  • Customized outsourced Rehab Training Programs
  • outsourced Rehabilitation Software Services
  • outsourced Rehabilitation Partner Services
  • Flexible outsourced Rehabilitation Models

Top Outsourced Rehab in the Nation

As one of the top 10 outsource rehabilitation service providers in the United States, Agility Health outsourced rehabilitation services enable exceptional patient care and outstanding practice performance. Results like these have made our outsourced therapy services popular with healthcare providers and employers across the country. We strive to deliver high-value outsourced physical rehabilitation and software services to benefit patients, healthcare providers and employers.

We're experts in managing referral processes, scheduling systems, documentation, compliance/charge capture training, performance reporting, audit systems and more. Agility Health's software services improve operations and monitor each clinician's effectiveness while providing instant access to performance reports. We can also help your healthcare facility develop a long-term care program that is efficient and productive. In an industry setting, we will work with businesses to keep injury-related costs down and enhance overall workforce health.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Units: Consider outsourced Rehab

Your inpatient rehabilitation unit may be facing some common rehabilitation ailments - low census, unbalanced case mix, ineffective monitoring systems, Medicare non-compliance and lack of clinical program development. Agility health will bring proven outsourced therapy services and effective marketing strategies designed to attract the number and kind of physical therapy patients you need, so census and case mix are no longer a concern. Our proprietary software system can put your IRU on the leading edge of compliance monitoring. Agility Health outsourced rehab programs also bring a host of other ideas and elements critical to the success of your IRU, helping you with strategic planning and implementing the operational, compliance, auditing or documentation systems that fit your facility best.

Agility Health

Outsourced Rehabilitation
800.876.1041 | info@agilityhealth.com

The outsourced rehabilitation staff at Agility Health routinely helps outsourced rehab clients just like you go from confronting the challenges of operating an inpatient rehab unit, to embracing a well-run, innovative and fiscally fit physical therapy program. And as your clinical outcomes and overall performance become stronger, your outsourced therapy program - and bottom line - will only continue to grow.

At Agility Health, we've been working with our clients to build winning outsourced rehabilitation programs for more than 40 years. Agility Health provides high-value outsourced rehabilitation solutions, including outsourced rehabilitation management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology and clinical management software, to healthcare providers and employers across the United States. Our staff has proven business expertise, extensive clinical knowledge and deep healthcare industry experience, which drives our strategic growth. Contact Agility Health today to discuss your outsourced rehabilitation therapy management at 800-876-1041 or email at sales@agilityhealth.com and ask about scheduling a free baseline assessment to find out where you stand and how Agility Health outsourced rehab services can help you.