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Agility Health RPM

Think of "RPMs" and you might picture a finely tuned automobile. At Agility Health, RPM stands for Rehab Performance Manager, our state-of-the-art software system with a proven track record of delivering maximum performance from our clients' clinical staff and management.

RPM optimizes each clinician's effectiveness. It provides instant access to a wide array of performance reports, such as projected volumes, and site and charge code profiles. It reduces redundancy and promotes total integration. It stays on top of compliance issues and drives continual improvement at all levels. It integrates seamlessly with the technology you've already got. It has also received high praise from JCAHO surveyors who have encountered it at many of our client locations.

Our proprietary clinical management system is the product of years of real-world piloting and refinement - and the design input of multiple real-world clinicians. A hosted application developed in the sophisticated Oracle database environment, RPM features browser-based access that translates into simplicity of implementation. Our HIPAA-compliant levels of authentication, encryption and access control make sure your data stays secure.

Agility Health has earned an outstanding reputation for innovation that drives strong clinical and business performance for our clients. We think you'll like the way RPM can help drive yours.

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